The Plug - Not Today (ft. Dappy & Tory Lanez)

The Plug - Not Today (ft. Dappy & Tory Lanez)
Splitmind is proud to announce that one of our talented producers, Noah Cuz, was behind the hit song "Not Today" by The Plug featuring Dappy and Tory Lanez. The song has become one of the most popular tracks from The Plug's album "Plug Talk" and has been praised for its hard-hitting trap sound and catchy lyrics.

"Noah Cuz has always had a talent for creating memorable beats that stick with you," said a representative from Splitmind. "With 'Not Today,' he took his production skills to the next level, creating a beat that perfectly complemented the energy and charisma of Dappy and Tory Lanez." Let's hear more about the production itself.

The song features a distinctive trap sound, with heavy 808s, ominous melodies, and sharp hi-hats. Dappy and Tory Lanez deliver their verses with confidence and swagger, making for a memorable and impactful track. The chorus of the song features the repeated phrase "Not Today," which serves as a declaration of the artists' success and determination.

According to Noah Cuz, the beat for "Not Today" came together fairly quickly. "I had the melody in my head for a while, and I knew I wanted to make something hard-hitting and aggressive," he said. "Once I started laying down the drums and adding some atmospheric elements, the beat just came together. When Dappy heard it, he knew he had to jump on it." He sent it to Tory after, and it was a wrap.

Overall, "Not Today" is a testament to the talent and vision of Noah Cuz as a producer. The song's success is a testament to his ability to create beats that resonate with audiences and complement the skills of the artists he works with. As a label, Splitmind is excited to continue working with Noah Cuz and to see what he comes up with next.